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Brand Profile: Kiel James Patrick

Kiel James Patrick: Unique Anchor Bracelet Designs — Born in New England, Kiel James Patrick is an American jewelry designer, manufacturer and retailer that is very well known for producing anchor bracelet designs.

What sets the brand apart from others on the market is that Kiel James Patrick tends to focus on creating new twists on the conventional anchor bracelet look, making their pieces favourites among men and women who love the traditional nautical look of anchors but want something a little out of the ordinary.

Kiel James Patrick releases new anchor bracelet designs in collections of similar styles. The following are some of their current anchor bracelet collections:

  • Quartermaster Collection. The anchor bracelets in this range are made out of leather that is braided, plaited, woven or simply cut into bands. The anchors are all laser engraved and finished with 18-karat gold.
  • Triton Collection. The anchor bracelets in this line are made from twisted nautical cord that is tied into a classic square not and finished with an antiqued engraved anchor.
  • Deckhand Collection. The anchor bracelets in this range are made from simple leather cord and heavy nautical rope. Antiqued gold toned anchors are used in the designs.
  • Ocean Link Collection. These anchor bracelets are constructed entirely out of metal with links designed to look like they are made out of rope.

Kiel James Patrick anchor bracelets are sold in stores around the world and are also available directly from the brand at their website. Prices online tend to start around $35 with nearly all of the bracelets being priced at under $90.

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