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Anchor Bracelets Styles & Colors

Thinking about investing in a new anchor bracelet or two? Many gents are surprised to find out just how many anchor bracelets styles and colors there are to choose from on the market today, so we thought we’d put together a little guide on some of the different options that are out there.

Leather Anchor Bracelets

brown-leather-gold-anchor-bracelet Leather anchor bracelets are usually just one color, but you can find a wide variety of shades available. If you’re looking for something neutral, you can choose from browns, greys, navy or black. Bright colors like orange, yellow and red and pastel hues like mint green are offered.

Nautical Rope Anchor Bracelets

deep-north-sea-bracelet Nautical rope bracelets usually feature more than one color, but you will find some that are solid colored. The traditional anchor bracelet design has a dominant base color with decorative diagonal accent fibers in one, two, three or four shades. You’ll also find looks that feature all-over horizontal stripes in two colors.

Anchor Colors

mint-green-leather-rose-gold-anchor-bracelet The cords of anchor bracelets aren’t the only parts that come in different styles. Anchors can be finished in many different ways. Rose gold, yellow gold and white gold can be used to give anchors a metallic look. You’ll also find anchors in black, red and gunmetal grey.

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