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Brand Profile: WatchBandit

Anchor bracelets bring a stylish finishing touch to outfits, and the right one can make a great investment. Still, it’s important to know that not all anchor bracelets are the same. Bracelets produced by some brands are a cut above the rest and stand out among the competition due to their quality. WatchBandit Anchor Bracelets are the perfect example, and we highly recommend their bracelets due to their exceptional design.

WatchBandit is a wholesaler and retailer of men’s accessories. As their name suggests, they do deal in watches, producing a selection of replacement straps for men’s timepieces and selling a carefully curated collection of men’s watches. Although their watches are very well known, WatchBandit is equally renowned for their anchor and hook bracelets. All of the bracelets are artisan crafted and made from luxury grade materials like genuine precious metal, nylon sailing rope and real Italian leather.

The WatchBandit Anchor Bracelet collection is available to buy online at WatchBandit.com. The site is set up to make it easy to browse the entire collection or to view anchor bracelets made from one of kind of material or featuring an anchor clasp in a particular color. One of the best things about WatchBandit is that they offer free worldwide shipping on every order over $49. Buy just two bracelets, and you can have your order shipped right to your door without having to pay a dollar more. Head over to their site and see what they have to offer!

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