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Types of Anchors on Anchor Bracelets for Men

Last time, we told you about how to spot well made anchor bracelets for men based on the materials that were used for their cords. While the quality of the cord goes a long way toward determining the overall quality of an bracelet, it’s not the only consideration. The quality of the anchor clasp itself can also vary from brand to brand. Read on to learn more about what makes for a good clasp.

Base Materials of Anchor Clasps

When you’re shopping for clasps, you want to make sure that the bracelet that you choose has a metal clasp. Some lower quality bracelets on the market today have nylon or plastic clasps featured in their designs. These plastic anchors will quickly become scuffed and lose their colored finish. They can also become bent, making bracelets less secure or even break completely.

Finish Materials of Anchor Clasps

Choosing a bracelet with a metal clasp is just the first step in ensuring that you get a high quality anchor. You also want to make sure that the finish on the bracelet is durable. If you want a metallic anchor, look for one that is plated with a precious metal. For a colored anchor, choose ones that are PVD coated, not painted.

There you have it – a definitive guide to the quality of the clasps used on anchor wrist gear.

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