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Brand Profile: Zorrata Bracelets

Zorrata Bracelets: Elegance Inspired by the Sea — Anchor bracelets are undoubtedly one of the most versatile types of jewelry designs for men. Nearly all anchor bracelets can be dressed up and down to suit different occasions, but some anchor designs lend themselves especially well to more formal and professional dress. Zorrata specialises in creating luxurious, sophisticated looking anchor bracelets that are perfect for gents with discriminating taste.


Zorrata has transformed the classic anchor bracelet look to make it slightly dressier than the conventional nautical design; however, the bracelets the brand creates still have all of the classic appeal of traditional anchor jewelry. Some of the key features of Zorrata bracelets include:

  • All of the bracelets feature decorative anchors that feature embossed details and have a curved tapered body that gives them a distinctive shape.
  • The bottoms of the anchors on Zorrata designs are set with Austrian Swarovski diamond cut crystal solitaire crystals. The designers use both clear and black stones in their designs.
  • All of the current designs in the Zorrata collection feature genuine leather cord rather than nylon or cotton rope.
  • The anchors are finished with precious metal plating, including 18 karat rose gold, 18 karat yellow gold, sterling silver and black rhodium.
  • Like most anchor bracelets, the Zorrata men’s bracelets are adjustable to fit most men.

Based in Canada, Zorrata offers their full collection of anchor bracelets for sale through select online and boutique retailers as well as on their own e-commerce store, sleeveclub.com. All of their designs sell for around $60 with international shipping available.


  1. Philip Toughey says:

    I brought this attractive bracelet only 4 weeks ago, and with minimum wear, the tie-string has already come lose, making the bracelet un wearable
    Would like to return for either a replacement or money back

  2. Susan says:

    The product is too expensive for what it’s actually worth. It broke within 2 weeks. Stick to real jewelery people

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