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Brand Profile: Thread Etiquette

Thread Etiquette: Modern Minimalistic Anchor Bracelets — The pared down look of minimalism may be simple, but it’s undoubtedly stylish. Minimalist modern design has been setting trends in all aspects of design, including fashion, and one company, Thread Etiquette, has brought it to life in a line of anchor bracelets for men and women.

Thread Etiquette anchor bracelets are made with an emphasis on simplicity. With the pieces found in the brand’s collection, the goal is to show off the handsome look of the materials used in the construction of the bracelets rather than to catch the eye with elaborate ornamentation. This approach makes Thread Etiquette anchor bracelets distinctive and very appealing to men and women who love contemporary jewelry designs.


In the Thread Etiquette anchor bracelet collection, there are two types of anchored features: the Classic and the Luxury. The classic has a traditional design with short rounded forms below its top loops and gently tapered arms at its bottom. The luxury has a wider top with one angled side and one side that bends down to form an attractive cord. The bottoms of the luxury anchors are rounder than those of the classic with more dramatic points.

Based in the USA, Thread Etiquette ships their anchor bracelets to locations throughout much of the world. The entire collection of anchor bracelets can be browsed at the brand’s online store. Current prices on the anchor bracelets are all under $30, making the designs rather affordable.

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