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How to Wear and Adjust Anchor Bracelets

New to anchor bracelets and not quite sure just how to put them on or ensure that they fit right? Not to worry! This guide will tell you everything that you need to know to look stylish in anchors and feel great in them.

Anchor bracelets just slip into place on your wrist with ease. All that you need to do is pull it on over your hand. Once you have the bracelet in the spot that you want it, slide the end of the anchor through the loop on the other end to secure it. If you want to make the bracelet tighter or looser, just slide the knot. The knot will move in either direction, so you can fine tune the fit until it’s perfect.

In terms of how to wear an anchor bracelet, really, anything goes. Some ways to wear them include:

  • Solo. You can wear an anchor bracelet all by itself or sport one on each wrist.
  • In stacks. Layer two or more anchor bracelets that are identical or that coordinate with one another, one on top of the other along your wrist.
  • With a watch. You can wear an anchor bracelet or two above or below your watch.
  • With other bracelets. Feel free to mix and match anchor bracelets with other bracelets in your collection. They look stylish with beaded bracelets and metal bracelets.

The wrist gear specialists of WatchBandit have a great blog called Spotted where you can see photographs of their customers wearing anchor bracelets and other men’s bracelets in different ways. Check it out for some style inspiration!

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