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About Anchor Bracelets: Materials Described

If you’re hoping to buy an anchor bracelet or two to add to your accessory collection, it’s important that you know a bit about the materials from which they are typically made. After all, you want to make sure that any bracelet that you choose is well constructed and able to last through many, many wears. Read on to learn a bit about what goes into the best anchors.

All bracelets are made out of some type of cord. The two most common types are:

Nautical Rope

deep-waddenzee-anchor-bracelet Maritime sailing rope is the traditional material for anchor bracelets and can be crafted out of many different kinds of fibers. The best bracelets, though, will be made from nylon sailing rope. Nylon is exceptionally strong and less likely to snag, fray or tear than other varieties of rope.


green-leather-black-anchor-bracelet Leather anchor bracelets are a newer trend that is a luxurious twist on the classic anchor. The best leather anchors are those made from real leather, particularly leather from Italy. When you’re shopping for leather anchor gear, it’s very important that you’re vigilant.

Many unscrupulous manufacturers will call out “leather” in their titles and later slip in the fact that the bracelets are PU leather, which is actually a type of plastic and not real leather at all.

Now that you’ve had the materials described to you, you’re ready to shop. If you want to ensure that you get the very best bracelet money can buy, be sure to check out our online Buyer’s Guide.

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