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Brand Profile: J. Beverly

J. Beverly: An Up and Coming Anchor Bracelet Brand — There is no debating the fact that anchor bracelets are wildly popular, and one brand has translated their unique eye for designing these classic men’s bracelets into a successful company that is on pace to become one of the most successful micro brands of men’s accessories in the world. That company is J. Beverly, a designer and manufacturer of watches, anchor bracelets and other men’s bracelets designs.


Some of the key features of J. Beverly anchor bracelets include:

  • J. Beverly offers two different types of anchor bracelets. The first is a classic design that features cord attached to an anchor clasp. The second combines a cord bracelet with a cuff bracelet. These pieces have elongated anchors that wrap around the wrist.
  • J. Beverly manufactures anchor bracelets out of solid-coloured and patterned nylon maritime rope, natural braided rope and genuine leather.
  • The anchors featured on the classic J. Beverly anchor bracelets have stylish curved tips and ornamental points. The brand engraves their logo on the shaft of the anchors as a sign of authenticity.
  • J. Beverly crafts anchors out of 316L stainless steel that is finished with electroplating. The current collection includes only rose gold finished anchors, which have a tone similar to the colour of copper.

J. Beverly anchor bracelets are available for purchase online directly from the brand’s online store. Prices range from $30 to $50 depending on the style, and the brand offers free shipping to many destinations around the world.

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